Below you’ll find links that I’ve found useful. I hope they prove the same for you! I add info regularly so check back often!

Dealing with Depression (your own or a loved one’s): – a concise article with some useful, practical tips on how to support a loved one struggling with depression. – a comprehensive site about recongizing and fighting depression. Lots of great articles about health, emotions, and practical advice. – Katherine Stone’s site is a great starting point for any woman dealing with or curious about post-partum depression. A good source for basic info about PPD and has resources for on-line and in-person support groups!


Scriptures that are empowering and encouraging:

My favorite verses for battling my depression!


Clean Living – My go-to sites for great recipes and health info: – The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep page is amazing!! Just type in the skin care/ baby care product you’re considering, and it will tell you specifics about the product’s toxicity level. *Warning: Once you start, it’s hard to stop! – The Wellness Mama is my go-to site for general recipes and tips for healthy living. Check her out!


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