about me

I am a woman seeking to be content with the blessings I’ve been given: a loving, Godly husband, two adorable, high-energy children and a have-no-reason-to-complain kind of life. I am determined not to succumb to the weariness and woes of chronic depression, pain, environmental toxins and the sadness of the daily news.

Some of my favorite things include sunshine, chocolate, flowers, and the ocean. I love coffee and, being from the Boston area, I prefer the Dunkins variety :)

We made a huge life-change when we moved our little family from Tucson, Arizona to London, England in 2014. This has been a Big Deal, and by far one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

My main goal in life is to find joy and peace, and to actually ENJOY my children, not just tolerate them! (That sounds terrible, but I think you know what I mean?!) Through support of my husband, close friends, and my ever-growing relationship with God, this is happening. Hooray!

I hope you enjoy my writings, and that they might, in some small way, help you to live life in full bloom.

5 - T and S walking on beach - 15 mos


I am not a medical professional, nor do I play one on TV. The comments and opinions expressed in these articles are merely comments and opinions. Please seek professional medical advice before making any changes to the diet, exercise, therapy or medication of yourself or your children.


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