Good Choices

So, I’m living with a three-year-old. And she’s a girl. And a first-born. And, from what I’ve been told, she’s pretty smart. All of this adds up to: I’m living with a HOLY TERROR WHO NEVER LISTENS OR OBEYS!!!!

Ok, that was a bit of an exaggeration. But I swear, sometimes it feels that way! In all honesty, she’s really not that bad. She’s just, well, a three-year-old smarty pants. She makes herself laugh by running around the house naked like a banshee and then doing a “doopie dance” in the kitchen, even though I’ve told her three times to PUT ON YOUR UNDIES!

I was feeling a little out of control, and then I remembered seeing on my sister’s fridge some sort of behavior/obeying chart for her son, and thought, “well, might be worth a try…” So, I kept thinking that for like 3 weeks and of course pinned numerous versions of behavior charts on Pinterest until I finally sat down and printed some clipart and drew some lines on a sheet of paper and made one.

good choicesI call it a Good Choices Chart because my big goal in discipline is to make her understand that her choices have consequences, good or bad. Bad choices equal a discipline, and now, good choices equal a sticker! And FIVE stickers in one category equals a prize from the prize basket! (Read: ultra clearance stuff like a seventy-four cent Hello Kitty cup from Walmart. Because only Walmart would sell something for seventy-four cents…)

So far, it’s working! At least with the getting dressed part. We’ll see how the others go!


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